Photo of Amusement Park Entrance, Bob-Lo Island 1960's
Photo of Amusement Park Entrance, Bob-Lo Island 1950's

The sight of the BOB-LO ISLAND Amusement Park always filled young visitors with eager anticipation. Soon they'd be enjoying the rides, beautiful landscaping, and great food at Detroit's favorite summertime playground--Canada's Bob-Lo Island.  Bob-Lo still lives in the memory of those who miss the thrills!

This page lists and displays photos of the rides and attractions that were featured on the Island from 1898 through 1993.  Additional images will be posted as they become available. Send any photos or postcards of the park, its rides, buildings or attractions and I will post them on the site for everyone to enjoy.  Send images as an e-mail attachment to . Enjoy your visit and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.

Images captioned in red are of the actual rides and attractions on the island.
1926 Whip Flight to Mars courtesy Russ Barber
1878 Mangels-Illions Carousel The Comet aka Flying Scooters
 1949 Moon Rocket  Round Up
 1948 Bug Scootaboat 1949
Trackless Train Trackless Train 2
Old Train 1949 1974 Zoo Train
New Train 1980-93  Train and Columbia
Fire Truck Tours Slide - Octopus - Ferris Wheel
1920-74 Tilt A Whirl  Ferris Wheel - Moon Rocket
 Wild Mouse 74 Mad Mouse
Bob-Lo Sky Streek 1973-93 Sky Streek
Galaxy 1976-86 Screamer Cork Screw  1985-93 
Flying Swings 1990  Caterpillar & Ferris Wheel
Midway Rides 1980's Enterprise
  1957 Super Satellite  aka Jet Ride  Log Flume 1975
Scrambler Polyp courtesy Kelly Smith
Rotor  Pirate Ride
Dodge Cars  Falling Star 1986 courtesy Russ Barber
Sky Ride courtesy Kelly Smith SKYDIVER
Kiddie Coaster courtesy Kelly Smith Kiddie Land
Kiddie Land Dolphin Show courtesy Kelly Smith
Little Dipper courtesy Kelly Smith Fort Fun 1985
Games Bob-Lo Cafeteria


Block House 1949 ad Souvenir building
 Marina constructed 1935 Block House Postcard
Sailors Monument Baseball 1949
Amusement Building  Miniature Golf
Zoo 1969 1913 Dance Pavilion, John Scott Architect
Skating Rink 1949 1837 Bob-Lo Island Lighthouse
Bathing Beach Pony Rides
 Original Cafeteria Post card Golf Course Postcard
Golf Course 1926 Ad  

Additional images of rides and attractions are sought to be added to this page